A Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,

If you’re like me, the sight of kids getting focused on God and making changes in their lives brings great joy to your heart! The environment we have created and cultivated at Pathfinders has made these occurrences a reality. Since Pathfinders conception we have made a PROMISE to this new generation to come along side and help them discover and uncover the God-given ingredients that make them who they were created to be. Helping kids disengage from cultural norms and influences so they are able to see a fresh perspective on their lives and what they could be is where Pathfinders excels.

This past summer Susan (not her real name) was a camper at one of the week long camps.  A generous family had sponsored Susan to come to camp, because her single mother can’t make ends meet much less provide this type of opportunity.  Susan was fearful, remote, and distrustful, but in the course of 5 short days I watched a transformation. I wish you could have been here to see the change with me.  It was like watching a flower blossom to reveal a tender, beautiful, fragrant soul full of potential and promise.   Susan gave her life to Jesus, repented of sin, forgave past abuses and experienced the hope you and I have experienced in Jesus.

What a wonderful story of God’s grace and how he brings people together, the Pathfinders team, a local sponsor, and a broken young girl . The truth is, there are kids with stories similar to Susan’s packed into our schools and filling our communities: broken, disillusioned, fearful, and adrift. These students are why we do what we do.  These students are why we have made a PROMISE to the next generation.  These students are why we are asking you to partner with us.

We are asking you to join us with your best year-end gift, so we can bring the PROMISE to Susan and hundreds like her.

2014 highlights:

  • multiple stories like Susan’s at summer camp and day camps
  • construction of a 48′ and 28′ rock climbing wall
  • improvements to our waterfront with an additional storage room and changing stations
  • dramatic increase in our fall retreat booking and spring school field trips
  • launched a CIT program (Counselor In Training)2015 goals include:
  • continue…
  • increased attendance at resident and day camps, (which translates into more lives changed forever with the hope of the gospel)
  • construction of an all NEW Adventure Dock (see attached sketch)
  • first graduates of the CIT program
  • monthly services for the community
  • additional partnerships with organizations within the community 3 ways to help!
  • Pathfinders has always been about a group of individuals coming together to make an impact for God in our community and this new generation. We are not funded by a denomination or organization but by folks like you! We’re asking today that you link arms with us and be part of fulfilling this PROMISE we made 11 years ago.
  • PRAY for the camp!
  • spread the WORD and send your kids to camp!
  • give your financial SUPPORT!

Giving is easy! Donations can be made by check and mailed to the camp or given online at pathfindersonline.com/support-pyc/.  This Christmas donate in someone’s name as a Christmas gift, sponsor an at-risk kid to come to camp next summer, make a monthly pledge for next year, give toward our new Adventure Dock or simply give your best gift.


Wishing You and Yours the Wonder of the Love of Christmas,


Nick Adams

Founder/Director, Pathfinders