A New Year With New Adventures – by Brad Wight

The time that all of us have been waiting for is here! It’s finally Summer! This is the time of year when we get to play outside in the warm sunshine, swim in the lake, climb the rock walls, compete on the challenge course and obstacle courses, play some Za-Za, and so much more! The best part about summer for us here at Pathfinders, though, is getting to witness, and be a part of, the amazing work that God does in campers lives every year. Watching the change that happens from the time that they arrive on Monday morning through departure on Saturday morning is nothing short of awe inspiring. It gives us an extra reminder every year of just how great a God we serve!

This summer is already off to a great start! Jesus brought 14 students to himself during the first week of camp. We had people overcome so many barriers on the obstacle and challenge courses, high ropes course, and at the waterfront. Through it all, however, the constant focus has been on reaching students in and around the Kingsport area and beyond. God has been amazing and faithful throughout this venture since the very beginning in 2003, and He continues to amaze us as he brings in just the right staff for just the right campers each and every year.


As with every year, God has brought in a new group to staff the camp. Some are former campers, some are former staff, and some are brand new to Pathfinders. This year marks some big changes as Clay and Beth are transitioning into different rolls within the Pathfinders family at the end of this summer. Clay was one of the founding members of the camp fam, and he will be dearly missed as he transitions out of the major day to day operations here, and he and Beth follow another path that God has laid out for them in this next season in their lives. With that change, I will be taking over many of Clay’s current duties. My wife, Audrey, my two sons, Corban and Deuel, and I are very excited to get to transition into this new roll at camp.

With any transition, things will change within. One really exciting change that God has brought to PYC, is that we are now set-up to teach classes for the American Red Cross. This year we certified 6 of our staff as lifeguards and another 3 in First Aid/CPR/AED. We are so excited for what this means for the future and safety of Pathfinders, and we are looking forward to the opportunities that this will open up in the world around us to help other organizations, such as camps, churches, schools, businesses, etc… and the general public to have the tools to operates more safely and live safer lives.

In closing, God has already done so many amazing things this year at PYC, and we are looking forward to all the amazing things that He is going to do and show us throughout the rest of the summer and the year!
Thanks for being a part of our extended family!
We love you, Jesus loves you, and God bless!