Where Is Pathfinders Camp? Pathfinders is in northeast Tennessee less than five miles from both interstates I-26 and I-81. It is located only a half hour from Bristol, TN, and hour and a half from Gatlinburg, TN, and Asheville NC.

What denomination is the camp? Pathfinders is a non-denominational camp focused totally on building students relationships with God, themselves, and others.

How old do students have to be to come to the camp? For our week long camps we work with students rising 6th – 12th grades. Campers will be separated into middle and high school age groups.

What is your counselor to camper ratio? Ideally we have an average of 8 campers to a counselor but also many times a counselor will have a co-counselor with them as well, breaking the ratio down to 4 to 1.

Are the counselors trained? Our counselors have to apply and go through an interview process before they are accepted. The counselors range from ages 18 to 40 years of age and spend weeks prior to camp prepping the camp, praying for campers and seeking God for the summer.  We also run a background check on each staff member.

 Is there a lifeguard at the camp? Yes, there is a licensed lifeguard at the lake anytime there are campers at the lake. All campers are given a swim test.  Those that pass are allowed to swim without life jackets.

What if my child takes medication or gets hurt? Medications are taken up and recorded at registration as to when it is needed. The camper’s counselor and our medical staff is notified and administers the medication when it is needed. Also, many of the staff are trained in first aid and are ready to assist students with medical help.

What kind of food will there be? Our kitchen does an amazing job of feeding the campers and staff! Usually breakfast will be fruit, cereal, juice and pastries. Lunch is sandwiches and dinner will vary from hamburgers, spaghetti, or chicken. There is plenty for seconds, and there is a canteen every night where campers can purchase snacks.

Why are electronic devices not allowed at camp? Students today spend a large part of their day with electronics and it leave little time to discover who they are. We want to give students every opportunity to ‘plug-in’ to who they are and who God is.

What are the dorms like? The bunkhouse sleeps up to 115 people in bunk beds. The girls and boys sides are separated by the bathrooms. Guys are never in the girl’s side of the bunkhouse and girls are never in the guy’s side of the bunkhouse.

Can I contact my child while they are at camp? Yes, you will be able to contact the camp by phone and also you will be able to view pictures from camp through the week and send e-mails to your child that they will receive via their counselors. Parents are only allowed to pick children up with prior notice to the camp and identification. We will not allow any child to leave with anyone that is not a parent unless the parent has made prior arrangements with the director of the camp.

How old do students need to be to attend day camps?

We work with students rising 1st – 6th grade for our day camp program.