Change is in the Air

Oh yes fall.   In East Tennessee fall is special as we get to enjoy the changing of the season in a grand way.  Fall is a time of transition at camp for us. Just before thanksgiving the bunkhouse gets winterized and gets some rest and ready for warmer spring days and  all the lake equipment gets put up for the winter.  For the past few months we have been busy with retreats, birthday parties, school trips and events.  However we have also been adding on to our facilities and wanted to  share with you what we have been doing.

We have just completed work on 6 new changing rooms at the lake.



We are currently building at new obstacle course for high school age students and adults loosely based on “America Ninja Warrior”.



At the end of summer camp this year we also tweaked our normal obstacle course and rearranged things and added two new obstacle’s.


Another great change is that we have partnered with “active”  to process our camp and day camp registrations.  Our hope is to make the registration process as easy and simple as possible and with “active” we think we are heading in the right direction.  register_canoe

We look forward to the next month as we still have events happening and space is open to reserve for your event.  Our next event is the Dad’s Kids Connect Event. Check it out.dadskidsconnectionslider3