Letter from the Director

December 14, 2015



The shout to rise rings out in the boys and girls bunkhouse. “Hurry! Hurry!” is heard from students as they scurry out of the bunkhouse because you are disqualified if you are late. It’s 6 am, however, the thrill of the challenge has students up early to compete in the morning’s Ironman activities.

The brain child of counselor Adam, our first Ironman Challenge competition was a big hit this past summer and sure to be a lasting tradition at Pathfinders Youth Camp. It is full of crazy activities such as completing an obstacle course with one partner blindfolded, performing a belly flop off our new high dive and drinking strange blender concoctions. Students compete in teams of 2 to win the gold medal and have their names placed on the coveted Ironman trophy!

Why are experiences like these important? In a world that competes for the heart and soul of students we aim to partner with families and churches to create significant, positive, God infused “life markers”. Our lives consist of these markers that help form who we are and who we will become: memories, traditions, relationships, adventures, shared experiences……that’s why we do what we do. We want to help create these kinds of experiences in the lives of this new generation that will move them toward or deepen their relationship with God and provide a distinct alternative to what this culture pushes on them.

Each year hundreds of students’ lives are changed at Pathfinders because people just like you, partner with us to reach a generation.  As an organization we underwrite the cost of camp so that families, community youth organizations, and churches can afford to give their students exposure to these God infused “life markers”.

We are very excited because a generous donor has offered us matching funds up to $10,000, from now through the end of 2015.  Every dollar you give will become two dollars that we can use to reach this generation for Jesus.

2015 highlights:

  • 48 students gave their life to the Lord or rededicated themselves
  • construction of a new Adventure Dock
  • improvements to our waterfront with solar power and new restroom facilities
  • increased number of former campers who served as staff


2016 goals include:

  • increased attendance at resident and day camps, (which translates into more lives changed forever with the hope of the gospel)
  • increased training of new staff members
  • additional partnerships with organizations within the community
  • expanded challenge course


Pathfinders is not funded by a denomination or organization but by individuals like you who understand the value of reaching children and youth with the gospel!  My wife Rachel and I are giving our best gift this year and I am asking you to join us, knowing that every dollar you give will double your impact on the world.

Giving is easy! Donations can be made by check and mailed to the camp or given online at pathfindersonline.com/support-pyc/


There are 3 ways you can be a part of creating positive life markers in kids’ lives:


  1. Sponsor an at-risk student in someone’s name as a Christmas gift – $250
  2. Make a monthly pledge of $25 or more for next year
  3. Give your best one time gift which will be DOUBLED if you give before January 1


Thank you for loving God and loving students enough to make a difference.

Nick Adams

Founder/Director, Pathfinders


P.S. Your financial partnership at this time is vital to helping us continue to share the saving knowledge of Jesus with this generation.