Pathfinders prepares students for life part 2

Today we look at “Second Level Skills” or those skills that are developed by doing and really can’t be taught.   The DNA of camp is perfectly tailored to help teach these second level skills.   Below is a graphic of those skills.  21st-century-skills-newLet me take a few aspects of our camp and how these skills are caught by doing.

1. Any Low Ropes Element  or Teambuilding Activity.     You can’t just hop on and complete the task without first thinking (critical thinking)  about the goal and then also who you have to complete that goal with.  Which leads students to then figure out how to “collaborate” with other students in order to complete the task.  Which leads to them “effectively communication” with each in order to complete the task.    A great idea is not executed without effective communication, and the goal is not achieved.   Which leads to problem resolution in order to complete the goal.  See how these skills relate to our current workplace.

2. High Ropes Element.  These always bring out the saying “I can’t” in which we respond “you can’t yet”.  These elements bring out resilience. To get to the top of 48 foot rock wall you have to be resilience.  You won’t complete any of these objects if you have no optimism or grit.  You must think you way through, put your head down, overcome fear and try.  You might fail but in life we don’t always succeed on the first attempt either.  Learning to fail is just as important as learning to succeed.

We don’t flash these skills on billboards or chalkboards around camp we just watch them happen and smile when an adult or student makes a simple breakthrough and catches a skill and realizes the difference it made and how it helped them succeed.

This is what I love about Pathfinders and how we are positioned to help students and adults acquire skills to succeed in the 21st Century.  Pretty much everything we do naturally incorporates not one but multiple skills.  So if you want to succeed in the 21st Century sounds like Pathfinders or any Camp is the place to come “learn and develop” those skills.