Summer Staff 2019

Interested in becoming a summer staff team member in 2019 but would like more info? Fill this quick form out and we’d be happy to get back with you and fill you in!


CHANGES: Staff members can choose residential camp, day camp or both for employment. We do prefer staff to be with us for both but understand how busy summers can get and appreciate that some are not interested in working with certain age groups. We do ask whatever your choice is that you make every effort to be there every week.

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Here is the 2019 Elementary and Jr/Sr High Camp Staff Schedule.

  • April 13th Open Barn Event
  • May 28-June 1: All Staff Development
  • June 3-8: Staff Development/Elementary Camp Prep
  • June 10-14: Day Camp Week 1
  • June 17-21 Day Camp Week 2
  • June 24-29: Clean-up and Prep/Elementary Residential Camp
    • June 24-25: Day Camp Clean-up/Residential Camp Prep
    • June 26-28: Elementary Residential Camp
  • June 30-July 3: Staff Trip
  • July 5-6: Camp Prep
  • July 8-13: Jr/Sr High Camp Week 1
  • July 15-20 Jr/Sr High Camp Week 2
  • July 22-27 Optional Camp or Special Needs Camp
  • July 29-August 2: Clean-up Week

Do you want to use your life to make a difference for time and eternity?  Do you thrive on lack of sleep?  Do you have a passion for Jesus?  Do you have a wacky skill such as being able to burp the alphabet?  Do you want to help teenagers find Jesus as their savior?  Do you have minimalist personal hygiene needs?  Do you want to help the next generation discover their strengths and talents and learn how to use them effectively?  Do you have energy to spare and love to be outdoors?  Do you carry a travel mug with you all day long? Is meaning more important to you than money? Have you been fired from a job for having too much fun?  Do you love to bond and grow as a family with those you work with? Then YOU may BELONG with US!

PATHFINDERS  staff is an incredible group of individuals who love Jesus passionately, serve Him untiringly, find humor and fun in every group2challenge and transform student’s lives.  If you have an incredibly positive outlook, a vibrant faith, a high tolerance for body odor, a love for students and an urge to make a difference apply to be a part of our ministry family.

The Application Process

Above, you will find 3 links to our online application. Each link represents a stand-alone unit. That means you must complete ALL sections of the application in order for it to be fully processed.

We split it into separate parts to make it easy for the typical on-the-run college student. You can complete the whole process at once or stretch it out to fit your schedule.

When you apply, try to be as detailed as possible. Pathfinders processes many applications and would like for you to use this opportunity to express your abilities, interests, and gifts. We are excited to see where this process leads us. Now…let’s jump right in and get this thing completed!

After you have filled out your online application please click on the suitcase to access important downloads for your employment at PYC…