Whether you are a youth pastor, business owner, or ministry leader you have those times when you need off-site time with your group.   Pathfinders  is your place!   We specialize in creating off-site experiences to accomplish your specific goals.  In the timeless context of the great outdoors, you and your group can grow personally and as a group while you plan, relax, play, learn and grow together.At Pathfinders we create the environment you need to accomplish your goals for your off-site experience.  We have years of experience in outdoor learning to help your group grow in leadership, teamwork, communication skills and spiritual depth.  Not to mention,  we are a camp, so we understand fun!  Check us out, then call and we will plan your adventure together!  To see what facilities and activities we offer follow the links below. To get you started check out our price guide.

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At Pathfinders Camp, you have amazing opportunities to take part in exciting new adventure activities. Whether you're new to outdoor activity or a more experienced adventurer, you'll discover how much fun  adventure is at PYC!  Our Staff will help facilitate the best experience for you or your group.

Team-Building and Group Initiatives- Activities to develop group unity and communication. Based on group needs and goals. Goal-setting, problem-solving, decision-making and communication-building activities. This is a great way to identify leaders, encourager's, and problem-solvers in your group. Games, Ice Breakers & Mixers...Get to know each other and have a blast doing it!

  • Students $8 per hr   $25 per 4 hrs.
  • Adults $10 per hour   $35 per 4 hours
  • Minimum of 8 people per group

 Introductory Challenge Course Elements -  Increase the level of group commitment and challenge by working through low elements that don't require rope or a climbing harness. Activities include elements like the swinging log, alligator crossing, commitment bridge, Mohawk walk, 12ft wall, whale watch, and spider web.

  • Students $8 per hr   $25 per 4 hrs.
  • Adults $10 per hour   $35 per 4 hours
  • Minimum of 8 people per group

Dynamic High Adventure Challenge Course -  This dynamic approach is a team challenge, as each participant plays a role in the overall experience. Choose from several different high adventure challenges: Giant's Ladder, Swing of Choice, The Log Cross, and Technical Tree Climb.

  •  Students $10 per hour   $35 per 4 hours
  • Adults $15 per hour  $50 per 4 hours

Rock Climbing - We have two walls to climb. Our 30ft wall is great for the beginner who is look for self confidence and then Big Bertha our 48ft wall will test the limits of perseverance while building character at the same time. Each wall offers several different climbs of difficulty.

  •  Students $10 per hour   $35 per 4 hours
  • Adults $15 per hour  $50 per 4 hours

Swimming at Lake - Lounge out in the sun, swimming, floating dock,  2 story adventure dock, boats, deep water swimming/diving area,  water-landing zipline, and water games. *A lifeguard certified by a nationally recognized organization must be on duty or lifejackets must be worn if swimmers are in the water. Pathfinders can provide a lifeguard for an hourly fee, or you can bring a lifeguard with your group for free.

  •  $25 per 4 hours for Waterfront Rental (Zip line is extra)
  • $12.50 per hour (2 hour minimum) for PYC Lifeguard

Water-Landing Zipline - Strap on a harness, hike the trail to the platform, zip down the drop-off, skim across the water and splash to a stop near the end of the lake.

  • $10 per person per hour.

Nature Education -Our new nature education program is designed to help teachers fulfill state standards while giving your students a fun learning experience.  We can also offer classes for your custom retreat or overnight camping trip. Click here to visit the nature education page for more information.

Hiking - Follow the trails around Pathfinders 70 acres delighting the senses with a wilderness adventure.

Campfire -  Located at the Lake our Campfire has seating to accommodate over 60 people. Roast marshmellows, tell stories or just sit back and enjoy the view.

Mudpit -  Located by the Lake our 30ft Mudpit is great for the skin and relieves stress at the same time.

Archery/Axe Throwing-  Located at the Rusty Nail an old horse barn you can try your markmenship by shooting arrows or throwing an axe.  Price includes all equipment required. Minimum charge of 10 participants per event.

  • Cost $10/person for 2 hours.  (additional time is available upon request)

Obstacle Course - You will be challenged both mentally and physically as you and your team race to successfully complete the course.  

  • Students $8 per hr   $25 per 4 hrs.
  • Adults $10 per hour   $35 per 4 hours
  • Minimum of 8 people per group

 Try your hand at our High School and Young Adults only obstacle course.   Designed after "America Ninja Warrior" test your limits with Ninja Steps, traverse a 28 foot boulder wall, climb our cargo net then descend down the rope ladder, conquer the tire swing and cross our 50'' burma bridge just to name a few things.   Cost is the same pricing as our normal obstacle course.  

Paintball - Experience heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping action as your team uses strategy and teamwork to eliminate the opposing team in a game of high-energy fun on a 3 different course options!

  •  $12 per person for 2hrs of play
  • Paint $45 per case (2000 paintballs)
  • Minimum charge of 10 participants for this course
  • The avg paint usage for 15 people for 2 hrs is 2 Cases which is appx $6 per person.

Basketball- Shoot some hoops on our court conveniently located by the bunkhouse.

Octaball - a fast paced variation of dodgeball in an octagonal court...highly addictive!  Located behind the bunkhouse.




If you’re looking for a great place to have a retreat or rent a facility, let Pathfinders serve you. Both kids' and adults' faces light up when they walk into the bunkhouse and see the bunk beds stacked three high! Capable of sleeping up to 115, with showers and bathrooms, it is definitely the place you want for bonding your group together.

This old renovated dairy barn is a must see and a must stay! The bunkhouse is located right beside The Loft and is a perfect setting for your youth group, college group, family reunion and more. If you’re looking for a more rugged setting, our campsites and fire pit by the lake are perfect to warm your heart and your toes.

The Loft

The "Loft" which is an old renovated dairy barn is a multi purpose meeting space.  Maximum capacity is around 150 people.

  • $50 per 4 hours

The Bunkhouse

The "Bunkhouse" is our 3 season sleeping facility.  (90 people max capacity).  The bunkhouse includes showers and bathroom. The bunkhouse is split with a boys side and a girls side.  Bed linen, towels and toiletries not provided. You may rent the bunkhouse for

  • $10 per night/per person
  • $60 per week per person.
  • When you rent the bunkhouse your "Loft rental fee" is free.

The Carriage House

Pathfinders Camp is excited to announce the opening of their first retreat house!  The Carriage House is now open for groups or individuals.  Bring your family, organization, or church to get away from your fast paced life and retreat.

The Carriage House is fully equipped to sleep 15 people with two baths and a full kitchen.  Rent it for a week or weekend and enjoy the lake front, hiking trails, and more.

  • Carriage House with kitchen use. Min $90 per night/per group of 6. ($10 for each additional person)
  • To use just the kitchen it is $45 a day.

The Lake

Our Secluded Waterfront offers many choices from overnight tent camping, campfire, fishing (catch and release), swimming, and even a zipline finish in the water.  The waterfront is a great place for parties, tent camping trips, weddings, reunions in a truly majestic outdoor setting.

  • The waterfront is $25/per 4hrs

If swimming, all participants must wear life jacket or the group must have a certified lifeguard present.  Lifeguards are available but must be requested in advance.

  • Zipline is $10 per person/per hour
  • Camping is $25 per group to reserve camp site.
  • While camping at the waterfront bunkhouse showers facilities are one extra $3/night per person if you need them.
  • Campfire setup fee is $15.  You may setup fire yourself by bringing your own wood for free.
  • Individual s'mores packs are $1.50 each.

Let Pathfinders run an activity for your group!  We offer a variety of options some of which include; rock climbing, paintball, high and low ropes challenge course, mudpit, hiking trails and nature education programs and much more.

Food Service

We offer food service for any event.  We will work with you to meet your request but as a general guide our pricing is as follows:

  • Breakfast-$5.00
  • Lunch $6.00
  • Supper $8.00



Pathfinders-rental-agreement (pdf)